Friday, August 29, 2008

The Watergate Comedy Hour

ST-11202, Hidden Records, 1973

A 1973 presidential parody album that's more miss than hit. There's some good talent here, too bad most of the material rearely rises above a poorly thought out improv idea. And just like the Jimmy Carter album, this was recorded in a studio with fake laughter.

Written by Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber and Ann Elder

Published by Meke Music, Inc

Featuring the Watergate seven: Jack Burns, Ann Elder, Fannie Flagg, Bob Ridgley, Jack Riley, Avery Schreiber, and Frank Welker

Produced by Monte Kay and Jack Lewis in association with Bernie Brillstein & JAB Productions, Inc.

Recorded May 8, 1973 at RCA recording studio in Hollywood. Recording engineer: Richie Scmitt. Album Design: Pacific Eye & Ear. Illustration: Drew Struzan

Side 1
  1. Special Investigation; Welker
  2. Hello UPI #1; Flagg
  3. The Break-in; Burns, Schreiber & all
  4. Ron Zeigler meets the press; Burns, Riley, Flagg, Welker
  5. The Meeting; Welker, Riley
  6. The Dick Cravett Show; Ridgely, Welker, Flagg

Side 2
  1. The Watergate Comedy Hour; Ridgely, Burns, Welker, Riley
  2. The plan; Schrieber, Burns
  3. The investigation; Riley, Flagg, Ridgely, Welker
  4. Agnew interview; Welker
  5. The reverend and the president; Riley, Welker
  6. Hello UPI #2; Flagg
  7. The president's prayer; Welker, Elder, Schreiber

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Anonymous said...

Lol, I have this album. It was part of my parent's record collection that was passed on to me. Remember them playing it back in the 70s when I was a kid but haven't listened to it in years.