Wednesday, October 31, 2007

gnos sith enam

Time to get this blog started. I'll get around to describing what this bog is about later. Until then, a game! Name this popular song. One catch -- the entire track has been reversed.

The link will take you to my Vox audio account where you can stream the track.

Play sdrawkcab


XWL said...

emitefiL a nI ecnO :sdeaH gniklaT

(noisrev evil)

(?kcartdnuoS enseS gnikaM potS)


Bill said...

!stniop owt rof tcerroc

Pastor_Jeff said...

What is your setup for ripping from vinyl to digital?

Bill said...

I'm using a Ion iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record, which Amazon has for about the same price I paid at Costco.

Pretty much plug into the computer and start playing. Comes with some basic software that does a decent job. The software is available elsewhere has freeware or shareware if you already have a turntable. If you have a working turntable it isn't that hard to hook it up to your computer.

I've recently purchased some additional software that I think gives me some additional versatility.

I do plan to have a post that explains the setup I'm using and other options that are available.

Bill_45 said...

Pastor Jeff, I deleted a comment of yours. No big deal, just email me if you need more information.

Pastor_Jeff said...


No problem. Saw the clarification. I understand.

I just wish I'd saved my comment to repost in a redacted version. But I'm not retyping all that backwards.

justkim said...

I just got a chance to listen to this. I figured that, since it's backwards, I would need some quiet time, and that's been a little hard to come by lately.

Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime?

(Again not looking at xwl's answer, which is right there to the left.)