Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday Challenge I

The first Thursday Challenge will be an audio quiz. In 2 minutes and 16 seconds listen to ten songs and try to match them to the listed artists. One point for matching the artist to the correct song, another point for knowing the song title. Yes, the points are meaningless and yes, I will be keeping track.

Even though we are not friends of hippies, we're starting off with some favorite hippie music -- the Beatles. But these are all covers. Listen to untitledartist (opens in new window), then match the songs (1-10) with the following artists:
  • Bar-Kays
  • Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
  • Dionne Farris
  • Bobby McFerrin
  • Pahini Brothers
  • The Pretenders
  • Otis Redding
  • Richard Thompson
  • Tuck & Patti
  • U2

More Rules (edited): XWL asks about Googling. Only award yourself points for those you know without googling. Obviously I can't stand over you with a Nun ruler, so I'll borrow from the guidelines Ken Jennings uses for his Tuesday Trivia:
As with all good trivia, it would take you about 30 seconds to Google the answers. So you're on the honor system here: no peeking, and only send in the answers you knew off the top of your head.

Unless otherwise noted, spoiler discussions are allowed in the comments. So discuss the answers as much as you want in the comments and if you're still guessing then avoid the comments until your answers are ready.

XWL is in first with 14 out of 20 points. I'll award an additional point for promptness. He's also provided some google answers, but one of those is incorrect. Ha! I take away one point for you, Googleboy!


XWL said...

What are the googling rules to this challenge anyway?

Without google I would have come up with the artist order but not all the song titles (based on the styles and voices of the artists alone)...

Here's what I have sans google:

1. --- Bar-Kays
2. --- Pahini Bros.
3. --- Tuck & Patti
4. Daytripper, Otis Redding
5. Helter Skelter, U2
6. Strawberry Fields Forever, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
7. --- Bobby McFerrin
8. --- Dionne Farris
9. --- Richard Thompson
10. Money, The Pretenders

With assistance able to suss out the following
1. A Hard Day's Night
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Honey Pie
7. From Me to You
8. Blackbird
9. It Won't Be Long

Did I mention I hate the Beatles, but love Beatles-esque pop?

Their music often improves in the hands of someone else.

They wrote strong melodies, but sometimes had their heads too far up their own arses to play their own music as well as it should be played.

(I do like this post-Beatles Harrison performance, even if everyone on stage could use a haircut and a bath, damn hippies, this song vexed me the most, I knew the melody, just couldn't think of the words to match title to tune)

And what, no love for Siouxsie? (this is my favorite Beatles cover, can't explain why)

(The Flying Lizards produced my second favorite Beatles cover)

Bill_45 said...

I can't operate youtube from my day location, so I'm guessing that's "Dear Prudence." If so, I bought their album just for that song. That is still unripped vinyl.

Flying Lizards were/was (is/are?) a great band.

Bill_45 said...

***The one you missed is really a John Lennon tune, not the Beatles. So I kinda see the confusion with the arrangement. Still, it's Beatles/Lennon, so no slack cutting.

justkim said...

I kind of suck a lot at this kind of Name That Tune, because my musical knowledge is pretty limited to, well, musicals.

This is what I came up with, and I didn't look at xwl's answers, (which is hard, cause they're just right there to the left):

4. Otis Redding, song?
5. U2, Helter Skelter (so easy)
6. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Strawbery Fields Forever
7. Bobby McFerrin, couldn't find the melody line between the scats.
8. Dionne Ferris, song?
10. The Pretenders, song?

Bill_45 said...

8 points

Bill_45 said...


1. Hard Day's Night, Bar-Kays
2. Jealous Guy, Pahini Bros.
3. Honey Pie, Tuck & Patti
4. Daytripper, Otis Redding
5. Helter Skelter, U2
6. Strawberry Fields Forever, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
7. From Me To You, Bobby McFerrin
8. Blackbird Dionne Farris
9. It Won't Be Long, Richard Thompson
10. Money, The Pretenders