Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Challenge II

Today it's match the album title to the artist. These are taken from Melody Maker's top albums of 1992. Mostly the top 10, except for a couple I left out because the band name was part of the title.

1. Automatic For the People
2. Slanted and Enchanted
3. Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury
4. Red Heaven
6. Dry
7. Henry's Dream
8. Down Colourful Hill
9. Ten
11. Lazer guided melodies
12. Let me come over

  • Buffalo Tom
  • Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
  • P.J. Harvey
  • Pavement
  • Pearl Jam
  • Red House Painters
  • REM
  • Spiritualized
  • Throwing Muses

For your listening pleasure, the title track from the third best album of the year, Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

That's 10 points on the board, with some bonus points for correctly guessing which of these I own. After Week 1, the standings are:
  1. XWL, 16 points
  2. justkim, 10 points

Rules: Points only for those you know without googling. Obviously I can't stand over you with a Nun ruler, so I'll borrow from the guidelines Ken Jennings uses for his Tuesday Trivia:
As with all good trivia, it would take you about 30 seconds to Google the answers. So you're on the honor system here: no peeking, and only send in the answers you knew off the top of your head.

Unless otherwise noted, spoiler discussions are allowed in the comments. So discuss the answers as much as you want in the comments and if you're still guessing then avoid the comments until your answers are ready.

Answers will be listed on Tuesday.


justkim said...

I'm sure of these:

1. Automatic for the People, REM
9, Ten, Pearl Jam

Random Guesses:

2. Slanted and Enchanted, Throwing Muses
3. Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
4. Red Heaven, Red House Painters

You own

Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury
The Buffalo Tom album
The Nick Cave album
The P.J. Harvey album

Pastor_Jeff said...

I don't know jack about this kind of music, but I do know "Automatic for the People" is REM and that "Ten" is Pearl Jam. I'd have to guess that "Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury" would be by Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy, and I'll throw in the guess that "Slanted and Enchanted" is Pavement.

XWL said...

First off, screw Melody Maker, bunch of limey gits.

Second of all.

1) REM
2) Throwing Muses
3) Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (the only album on this list I bought)
6) PJ Harvey (who I love now, but wasn't into yet, in 1992)
8) Red House Painters
9) Pearl Jam

(Throwing Muses and Red House Painters are only vague guesses, I'm confident in my other picks)

And Michael Franti's follow up band, Spearhead, wasn't nearly as good as Heroes.

I listened to that Disposable Heroes album in my car as the riots exploded all around me (just after my bosses car had a molotov cocktail tossed under it by a group of teen thugs riding in a Suzuki Samurai, rather comical when you think about it).

Bill_45 said...

1. Automatic for the people - REM
2. Slanted and enchanted - Pavement
3. Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury - Disposable heroes of hiphoprisy
4. Red heaven - Throwing muses
5. Eleven:eleven - Come
6. Dry - P.J. Harvey
7. Henry's dream - Nick Cave & the bad seeds
8. Down colourful hill - Red house painters
9. Ten - Pearl jam
10. UF Orb - The Orb
11. Lazer guided melodies - Spiritualized
12. Let me come over - Buffalo Tom

We own REM (the wife's) and Disposable Heroes. For some strange reason, despite her being one of my favorite acts of the 90s, I do not own PJ Harvey's "Dry."