Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bob Fosse alert

Just a programming note that I will be following the Bob Fosse blogathon beginning November 10. Maybe I'll even getting around to ripping the All That Jazz soundtrack.

I hope someone addresses the Fosse choreographed routine by Gwen Verdon that someone mashed up with Walk It Out. This youtube video also includes the clip with the original music. New version is better.


justkim said...

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up on this. I think any retrospective of Fosse's screen work should include MGM's Kiss Me, Kate, which preserves Fosse the dancer. He is showcased most impressively in the "Tom, Dick, or Harry" number, along with first wife Carol Haney.

Icepick and I finally got around to seeing All That Jazz a few months ago. I have mixed feelings about the movie itself, but I love Fosse's self-awareness. And I am in complete of awe of Ann Reinking for being a willing participant of her life under a microscope.

Cabaret is on my list of "perfect movies". I will stop whatever I'm doing if I happen to catch it on. So sad that Liza would never again have such a perfect role.

Bill_45 said...

I need to get Kiss Me, Kate. For me, All That Jazz is a perfect movie; Cabaret, not so much.