Monday, December 24, 2007

Bobbie Gentry, the sounds of Christmas

A Collector's Limited Edition
B.F. Good rich presents
The Christmas Sound of Music
Stereo SL-6643

A Christmas LP of mostly country stars. Glen Campbell has side 1 all to himself with four songs. Then Bobbie Gentry, The Lettermen, Sandler & Young, and Ella Fitzgerald share side 2. What's Ella doing on there and why was she only given one song? Well, she was a bit past her prime and O Little Town of Bethlehem isn't one of her better efforts. To be honest, I prefer David Sedaris doing Ella more than Ella herself.

I've never been much of a country music fan, but I do enjoy Bobbie Gentry on this. And I always forget she sang Ode to Billy Joe, one of my favorite songs. Maybe I should hit the used CD store and give her more of a listen.

Here's the two Bobbie Gentry songs. The rest of the album I don't much care for.

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