Friday, December 28, 2007

James Brown, Prisoner of Love

King Records
K 5739
45 RPM

James Brown passed away last Christmas (2006). I'd forgotten that. But David Mills didn't and he put together a very cool James Brown contest. It's over, but you can still listen to it.

I have very little James Brown, but I do have his 1963 45 rpm recording of Prisoner of Love -- his first song to enter the pop Top 20. It had also been an earlier hit for Perry Como (source: wiki).

Of course I'd planned on scanning both sides...until I found a James discography that had taken care of that for me. Also includes all the recording information I wouldn't have had.

If you're looking for James info, try here: James Brown Discography.

Guess all that's left for me to do is t play the songs:

And a scan of the 44-year old record sleeve.

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