Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's quiz

From the NY Times:
For the final performance of “A New Day,” Celine Dion’s show at Caesars Palace here last weekend, M J Wylie, 49, a health-care consultant from Denver, decided to go formal. She wore a floor-length black gown and a sparkly white shawl; around her neck was a silver pendant in the shape of the show’s first logo, an elongated figure of a woman. Inside her $3,400 Judith Leiber clutch, bought at the gift shop adjacent to the theater and also bedazzled with the logo, were several autographed photos of Ms. Dion with Ms. Wylie. It was an undeniably elegant ensemble; the only problem, Ms. Wylie said, was that her dress hid her commemorative “New Day” tattoo.

It was her 62nd time at the show.

Ms. Wylie said, “It’s been my escape for the last five years.” She likened her fervor to a drug addiction — except, she said, “it’s legal, it’s wholesome.” But it’s also pricey: She estimated she had easily spent $15,000 to $20,000 on her Dion habit.

Is Ms. Wylie,
  1. A bit delusional, but of no harm to anyone but herself and her bank account.
  2. Delusional and dangerous and this article goes into her already bulging file maintained by Celine Dion's security staff.

I have no Celine Dion songs to add to this.

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justkim said...

I really don't see why the two options have to be mutally exclusive.

Option C:
Ms. Wylie is delusional and essentially harmless, but a copy of this article is going into the security file, just in case. YOu never can tell what kind of trauma the DTs will bring.