Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jesse Johnson, Crazay featuring Sly Stone

A&M Records
12" Single
Original sticker price: $4.28

One of the highlights of 1986 was Jesse Johnson's shockadelica. Except I couldn't have bought in 1986m because I only have the CD and I didn't own a CD player until 1987. What I did buy was the 12" remix of Crazay featuring Sly Stone. Played the crap out of it, too. Searching for a decent scan of the album cover I came across Purple Music, which seems to list everyone ever involved with Prince. Learned that Jesse had tracks on the Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club soundtracks; somehow I'd missed that.

I think this is his Official Myspace page, where I learned he is playing on Chaka Khan's new CD, Funk This. Her website is all the annoying, but the music sounded good and I downloaded the whole thing from iTunes. She's one of those artists I've always enjoyed, but never really bought any music from. I do have the 12" remix of I Feel For You for whatever that's worth.

Back to Crazay, the side 2 remix, Paul Edit, looks to be by this Cameron Paul.

Need a Sly Stone link -- Phattadatta

Side One
  1. Remix (8:18). I could listen to this all day; Sly even drops a bop gun in there.
  2. Dub Version (6:45). I've been able to figure out what the "Africa-Jungle" intro is supposed to me. Best I can do is wonder if they meant to somehow tie into the South African disinvestment protests.

Side Two
  1. Paul Edit (4:21), Paul Edit by Cameron Paul.
  2. 7 inch Remix (4:32)

Produced by Jesse Johnson for J.W.J. Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: John McClain
Mixed by Bruce Forest
Additional Production by Bruce Forest
Engineered by Frank Heller
Original version appears on the A&M album "Shockadelica" SP-5122

Additional Photos
One thing I need to do is work on shots of album covers. There's a number I can't locate on the intertoobs, or they're of poor quality. I've tried my own camera shots and I'm not happy with those. Then there's scanning, which doesn't fit:

Front, partial

Back, partial

Side A

Side B

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Disco D said...

You have some sibilance on the the top end as a result of an old needle/stylus...or, you are using a stanton cartridge.

i will do a new transfer from my copy on my Linn Sondek.
i'll post a link when i get a chance :)