Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fast Babs Slow Babs

Barbra Streisand's warp speed version of Jingle Bells.

I've never cared for this one. Sounds too much like she was sick and tired of being in the studio and just wanted to be the hell done. I can picture her slamming down her headphones and stalking out of the recording booth. Engineer looks at the producer and says "I guess were done."

So I decided to fix it. If it's too fast, make it slower. Done: Jingle Bells Slower.

Later I'll add I've added the Jim Nabors version that appears on Season's Greetings from Barbra Streisand...And Friends. It's a promotional album from Maxwell House and Barbra could only be bothered to show up for half of it. The rest is filled out by Jim Nabors, Doris Day, and Andre Kostelanetz.

borrowed photo:

Jim Nabors singing Jingle Bells. But his voice is too deep. No problem, I fixed it so he sounds more like Gomer Pyle -- listen to the new version.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can post the transitional pieces that linked the Streisand songs on side one, as well as side two of the album for me? Thanks.